A window onto the world which is also a number: 50. To be precise, the fiftieth Italian site to enter the UNESCO World heritage list, humanity’s artistic and environmental heritage. It is here, in the heart of the Langhe Roero that our restaurant lies. A statement of love to the land, Piedmont, which is not only a part of Italy, but is also, and especially, our home. Born in 2003 of a project by Fabrizio Ventura and his wife Luciana, it owes its name to a local product: the Madernassa pear, a tree which the resort is surrounded by. Clean, essential surroundings, three modern reception rooms and as many terraces with unmissable views of Alba, the hills and Monviso which dominates the chain of the Alps. Designer lighting to highlight the beauty of our all Italian design. Our cuisine is a world to be discovered where you can enter through glass doors and at once feel part of the family. Flooring which evokes the old terracotta tiles, bare brick walls and plastering with warm, natural colours. This is contrasted with the light coloured soft furnishings because it is there, in the contrasts, that lies the soul of this restaurant. Welcome!

Gastronomic restaurant - 1 Michelin star – closed on Monday (all day) and Tuesday (at lunch).
The restaurant opens from 12.30 to 14.30 at lunch and from 19.30 to 21,30 at dinner


Michelangelo Mammoliti seeks to highlight the colours of his land; his beloved Roero, Monviso which seems to be a stone’s throw away, the Langhe which the whole world envies us. All this he tries to sublime into one delicious mouthful, but only after having chosen the best and most noble products with which it is impossible not to combine simple choices, sometimes unusual, such as forgotten roots, flowers, shoots or wild herbs.

And so he has set a challenge, first of all to himself, deciding that the moment has arrived to attempt to explain how the earth can offer us everything which great cuisine needs.

Nature gives us life and we artisans of the kitchen can do nothing but recognise its beauty and thank it for the fortune we have received. How? By offering everyone who decides to cross the threshold of the restaurant new emotions.

On the 15th November 2016 Michelangelo Mammoliti wins his first Michelin star.


The faces, expressions and welcoming smiles are the first things which greet you as you enter the restaurant. The waiting staff led by the Maître Daniele Genovese are always ready to share and communicate the cuisine philosophy, to find a new wine which can enhance the dishes that are served or a new way to decorate the table which is an expression of creativity, a place for feeling and sharing. The 360 degree view onto our beloved hills have given their names to the dining rooms of the restaurant: Langhe Terrace and Roero Terrace for the summer season, Langhe Dining room and Roero Dining room for the colder months, as well as the Garden Room with huge windows looking onto the park and a welcoming drawing room on the ground floor. A harmonious blend of places where you can lose yourself amongst the expanses of vineyards, medieval towers and spectacular sunsets.


It is from the great French masters that Michelangelo Mammoliti has learnt three fundamental concepts: excellence, rigour and passion in every gesture. The team is a shared philosophy. It is a continual stepping up to the challenge, it is an exchange of ideas to keep growing, together with a taste which seeks to be balanced, sophisticated and creative. Here we have a team which works for a common end, where one person will always be ready at the rising of the sun to go into the vegetable garden, another to bake the bread, to decide on the desserts or to make the lists for the next day. The team is the lifestyle of the chef, an outfit which he chooses to wear, a modus operandi which traces the DNA of the dishes which will be served in the restaurant. The secret for success.
The soul of the restaurant.


The chef Michelangelo Mammoliti’s desire to return to Italy, home, to his native Piedmont, comes from his meeting of minds with the Madernassa Restaurant, which gives him that much desired possibility of daily contact with the countryside and the nature which surround sit. You can only love cuisine by cultivating it and the Madernassa Restaurant , with its chef, has given life and space to its orchards, wild herb gardens and vegetable gardens, born of the knowledge that it is necessary to be ready to conceive the vegetable garden before planting it and that then it would be necessary to give it time, time to grow. You must be able to take care of the garden, to love it as you would love your passions. And to share it as only with the greatest of knowledge one does
This is not simple innovation but tradition.