The Madernassa Resort is a place designed for immersing yourself in nature, relaxing in the spaces dedicated to wellness, savouring the pleasures of a cuisine that is the territory, the kitchen garden, sophisticated seasonality and vintage wines. Discover the features and personality of Casa Lora and casa Roero, our two homes, which are independent and situated not far from the restaurant, designed to inspire all the tranquillity and freedom which a stay in the Langhe and the Roero, UNESCO World Heritage site, can give.
Charming rooms renovated in keeping with the surroundings where each room has its own style and tells a story, every corner breathes love, passion and welcome.
You will find Ivan Delpiano waiting for you, with his team and a host of activities for relaxation and gourmet experiences designed to make your stay unique.
The world is at your fingertips if you desire to grasp it but mainly at Casa LOra and Casa Roero you will find privacy like at home… a home from home.